This is the game that I am currently playing. I like it for two basic reasons:-

  1. Simple and elegant graphics
  2. The game play and game mechanics are also very simple

About the Game:-

The game is about guiding your plane to avoid the incoming missiles. If the missiles hit you, the game is over. The player steers the plane to collect stars and shield. And this is all the game is about.

The game is offered by “Macaque games”. They have developed this game using the Unity software and the game is pretty nascent with the current version at 1.13. The download size is somewhere around 1.14Mb.

The Game type is Arcade and it is highly rated at 4.3 on the android play store. The age group for this has been set at 3+ years. Let not that bother you, because I am sure that if you download and play this game , chances are that you will like it.

The only issue with this is the screen area for control. There are two option for the control. One is the joystick type, which I was not comfortable with and the other is the Right and Left Arrow Tap option. This work well, but if you tap outside the arrow region, it does not work. I believe the area for the tapping (steering) should be more. This is that oops factor in the game.

All in all I would rate this game  ->  4.0 / 5.0







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yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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