A nice addictive game that all should give a try at…!!!


99 is a game where your reflexes are challenged. The player must tap the right colour at the right time. If you miss or tap at the wrong time, the game’s over. The main objective of the game is to reach zero and mind you… its not that easy !

The game is offered by Kapo Games based in Italy. They have developed this wonderful game on Unity. There are not many graphical details, just a simple background and a spinning colour wheel. The choice of colour is quite good, does not hit your eyes when playing.

The game play and game mechanics is very simple. Tap when the arrow is on the right colour and you must not miss !

The game version is 1.005. It falls under the Arcade game family and had just over 10 thousand downloads, but it is very highly rated on the Android play store.Its download size is also very less.

I believe this is a very cool and relaxing game and perhaps this could also be part of casual gaming as well. I would rate this game 4.0 /5.0. I am cutting marks because I felt that something more could be added, may be better music or some other elements. But yes, I do like this game and would definitely recommend other to download and play.


Published by

yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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