Android Game – ” Oil Hunt “


An Arcade game with over 100 thousand downloads suits well for casual gaming as well. The player must stretch out pipes in order to strike and drink OIL ! Yes…OIL. Funny though and what can even tickle your funny bones are the characters especially when they are drinking oil.

The game is endless target type game where the player’s precision skills are tested. The player must be precious in his judgement of stretching the pipe to reap in the oil and try and get the maximum oil to drink. If the pipe is short of the well or too long, the game’s over. The goal is to score as high as possible.

The game is a good time kill. With decent graphics, simple game play and funny characters, I personally liked it. The loop side in the game what I believe is, there is an oil container which gets filled when the character drinks oil. The whole game seems to revolve around that. Try to fill the container and then unlock new characters. The purpose of the game then more or less becomes to unlock new character. The scoring or point system becomes redundant as then player when he has filled in the entire container may not wish to continue and score points. He may on purpose end the game to unlock new characters.

The game is offered by Estonian company “PlayFlame” with current version going at 2.2.1 and around 34.90MB  size. The game is suitable for all age groups of 3+ years. My rating for this game would be 4.0 / 5.0

Do check this game out!!!




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yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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