Epic Skater

Epic Skater is offered by Kongregate on the play store. Free skating is the core game play where the player performs tricks, collects coins and tries to reach the longest possible distance. It is an endless game. With around 5 to 10 million installs the is a thrill to play where the player can Kickflip, grind, manual, and combo his way through the streets of Los Angeles. The game has received the coveted “Pocket Gamer Silver Award”.

Epic Skater has something for everyone as you compete on distance, biggest combo, or highest total score. More than 25 unique tricks that be combined into various combos. One can also battle out with their friends for the leaderboard dominance. All in all the main objective of the game is “Skate the furthest, combo the biggest, or maximize it all to truly be an Epic Skater !”


A very good game that will definitely want you to keep coming for more. The developers have very strategically placed the unlocking of the tricks. Scoring points and performing combos will unlock new tricks and this will want the player to come back and try them. This is a very good proposition for player retention. Also, the ads are not that disruptive and play goes on smooth. But, I believe the user interface and the Heads up Display (HUD) can be worked upon a bit. I personally did not like it. Even the tutorial was a bit confusing at the beginning. But later it got along quite well. I would be rating this game 4.5 / 5.0.  Guys go ahead and play this game…its a fun!


Published by

yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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