Flail Rider

Flail Rider is a fast past paced game where you blow up everything in your game with a giant sized Flail. The game is offered by French BulkyPix and the game is categorized under racing. The player must destroy the elements in the environment with a large sized flail by driving and drifting along his vehicle. The more environment destroyed with your spiked ball, the higher the score!

The game is a top – down arcade racing game with sole objective of destroying the objects in the given area. Attain the stage target, pass through the warp to enter new areas. Also get exciting power-ups while playing that make destruction more fun. Also, there more cars to unlock which have been categorized as small , medium and heavy (large). Driving and controlling is challenging and fun. The game also give a bit of retro feel through the graphics.

The game is simple yet quite engrossing and fun to play. The has been rated for 3+ yrs but I would not encourage that as it involves destruction of cities and environment. Overall, the game play is good but I would have preferred to destroy something bad or evil, save the day and be a hero. A good story line could be added to make it interesting and I just have one question….why destroy a city and have destructive mind-set ?! Hence, I would rate this game 3.0 / 5.0 and not recommend for the kids.


Published by

yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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