Anodia 2

Most of us must have played those brick breaking games….Anodia and Anodia 2 is a more modern take on the same. The game has a wheel based platform for the balls, unique and graphically pleasant stages and bricks replaced by bubbles and other stuff, some of which are dynamic in nature. The game is definitely a good take on the bricks breaker and leaves  good impression. With every level unique and fresh, Anodia 2 has this wonderful feature and make you always wonder what comes next!

The game is definitely good take on the classical bricks breaker, with retention of many of those power ups in the classical game. But controlling the pad / platform for the balls is not that smooth and could leave a bit bitter taste after the game. Also, there was some anomaly in the number of lives and at what stage or level are you playing. Leaving aside these glitches, it is a good game for a bit of break or distraction from a busy schedule.It is definitely not a hooking up game where you will play hours on end.

The game is offered by CLM and is definitely a universal rated arcade game. I would prefer to rate it 3.5 /5.o


Published by

yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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