Glass 2 Glass

If you are looking for a casual game to cut time then Glass 2 Glass is a game to go for. A real good game requiring precision and perception, this game from Kick 9 is definitely to for. The game play is really simple. Perfectly pour liquid from glass to glass. Put your sense of perception to use and perfectly pour your drink from one glass to another! Fill it to the brim to get a perfect score. Fill too little or fill too much, then you fail. The major features of the game are the simple and elegant graphics, the game is relaxing yet challenging, World-wide leaderboard and it has plenty of drinks and environments to collect. The Game is definitely good if you want a stress relief or pass some time. My rating for this game would be 4.0 / 5.0.


Published by

yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

10 thoughts on “Glass 2 Glass”

    1. coins are used to buy vending machines and drinks. You first need to buy a vending machine and then and then only can you purchase a drink. By clicking on the shopping cart, you unlock a vending machine. That will cost you coins. After that you would have received a jar or some container. By clicking again on that you unlock a drink which will again cost you coins. To switch between drinks, there is a can icon, click on it and chose the drink of your choice. It will also change the background. I hope this helps you. 🙂


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