AppLock (DoMobile Lab)

This is an ‘app’ review which I am writing on a special request. There are general differences between an app and a game. To come up with this review I had to do a general study and research. First of all the apps are not viewed as the games are, or rather the games are not viewed in comparison to an app. The apps are downloaded and install because the user feels its necessity whereas the games are mere fun and entertainment factor. The retention value of app is greater than those for the games.

AppLock is a great app if you want privacy, protection or simply want to hide your stuff from the other users of your phone who may sneak into some of your private folder and files. Through this app you can lock and hide other apps like facebook, whatsapp, gallery,SMS, settings etc. AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Pictures and videos can be hidden from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. Another unique feature for AppLock is that it has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock, hence no worry that people may peep the password or pattern. It is much safer.


Other add-on features are Themes, customised profiles, hide the ‘AppLock’ icon, Time lock, locking incoming calls, lock switch (for Wifi, bluetooth), Low Memory usage and Power saving mode. This app is packed with so many features that it has been difficult to note it down here. One must definitely download it and see the features themselves. The app is constantly updating with the latest update on 14th July 2016.



AppLock is really a good app to protect and secure your data and privacy. I would be rating it 4.0 / 5.0. I believe the developers can work some more on the user interface. I really had a bit of difficulties initially but over the time got used to it. Also, a small not to the developers….While doing a bit of research and trials, it was found that there was a lot of apprehension with regards to the app in terms of security itself and data privacy. Users feared that their data would be available to the developers. Therefore, my suggestion to the developers would be to build a trust and come out with transparency. To all the users, I would recommend to try the app as it is really a bit interesting and definitely protects your apps and data from any unwarranted users ! A caution note for the users….there are similar apps with the same name as well. I one described here is by HongKong based DoMobile Lab’s AppLock.



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