100 Floors – Can You Escape?

” 100 Floors – Can You Escape? ” is developed by Tobi App under the casual gaming category. I would rather prefer it to put it under the Puzzle category. It is game that requires the player to unlock the doors of the elevator with a sole aim to reach the 100th floor or the top. On every floor there is a new puzzle to open the door. One must solve the puzzle and then and then can the player proceed to the next floor.

The best part of the game is that it utilizes all the modes and functions of a standard smart-phone. Whether it is touch, pinch, shake etc. The graphics are ok. Not too great but not bad either.


The game is good in the beginning but then, perhaps me not being a that big fan to the puzzle games, I personally found it quite monotonous. There are no such incentives for me to keep playing the game. If there were something like coins or point by which I could purchase some power-up, it would make the game a bit exciting. Also, there are issues with the Ads.

I would like to rate this game a 3.5 /5.0. People who like puzzle solving may try this game. There are similar versions to the game and name. Also, if one may explore there are games with names like “100 doors” etc all having the same ‘Funda’ (concept).

The game can be downloaded from the PlayStore :



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yash sheth

Industrial Designer - Toy and Game Design

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