Atomic Bomber

Oh! it has been quite a while I wrote a review…. so I am here with a game review again. This time it is for a game called “Atomic Bomber”. Carry on reading to know more in short span!

Game Developer :- Luke Allen

Type :- Arcade (as per Google Play)

Age :- 3+

There are two games available by Luke Allen. One is the free version and other is the paid one. I have tried the free version.

What I really liked about this game is its game-play and game mechanics. They are quite simple. The game gets you hooked on.


But one Flaw what I do find is that the position of the bomb button is a bit far too left and the button itself is a bit small. Perhaps a repositioning or a square shaped button is required. At times when I want to hit the button I am tapping on the play screen and not on the bomb button. I believe better interface for this button can lead to better play experience.

Rest the game is really good with simple and minimalistic graphics, which I like it of course.

My rating is 4.0 /5.0, missing purely out on the button issue.

Suggestion…. do download and play it once!



FIE Swordplay

FIE Swordplay is a fencing sports game with really good graphics and game play. The interaction in the game is also very good. In the game, the player is a fencer and he competes in various tournaments which help him earn coins and money and also unlocks various accessories like sabers, protection gear etc.Screenshot_2016-09-02-13-07-40

The is officially supported by FIE and the developers also claim that it is the world’s first mobile game with real rules and techniques from athletic fencing. The game has  rules for fencing with foils, swords and sabers. The game has a good deal of customization where the player can fine-tune the weapons and equip the character with gear such as vests and masks.Screenshot_2016-09-02-13-19-41.png

Though the game has lots of positives, it lacks on certain fronts and this is not to be overlooked by the developer, I believe. Initially, after downloading there was an issue of starting the game. A black screen did appear and it would not load any further. It was after various attempts, the black screen loading issue was resolved and I have no clue how? Also, at time getting connected to facebook is annoying . Perhaps, an online PvP mode without logging into facebook can be introduced.Screenshot_2016-09-02-13-20-10.png

Overall, the game is very good, except in the regions that I have mentioned above. With good graphics and gameplay through the use of buttons,  the game is a pleasant built. I would rate it 4.0 / 5.0



LONEWOLF is a Neo-Noir stor drive sniper adventure game. The story-line is that the play is a mysterious assassin with secret motives and he will do whatever it take to get an entry to a criminal organization “ASSEMBLY”. The player is given assignments to prove his worth to the ASSEMBLY. Mid-way the story take a turn to flashback which is also equally enthralling.


The game has a really good story-line with great art and sketch work. The background score and music is very good and with the kind of game play involved is definitely going to get you hooked. The connectivity between the story and the game is excellent and one is engaged in reading the story as well. The game is also not just a simple shooting game. The player must figure out the proper timing , adjust the aim according to the wind speed, understand the environment around and then take the call of whether to shoot or not and when!


Besides having the main mission, which is divided as chapters to suit the story, the game also has practice range, around 20 mini games separate from the main missions, different varieties of guns and accessories to it.


This game is definitely a must try especially who like shooting games. This game has been rated for 18+ yrs and is offered by Munich based FDG Entertainment. This game deserves a good 4.5 / 5.0.

Killer Dash

If you are looking for some retro themed action game, Killer Dash is a good example. With pixelated graphics and a retro themed music and sound track, the game will surely take you back to the 80’s.

The game is psychopath killing game, where the player is the psychopathic killer who is on the streets and his main objective is to kill the civilians and the police while also saving himself from the attacks and obstacles from the police. The game advances through several stages and countries.



The game is a simple touch, timing appropriate game that leads to the kills and scoring of points. The game is definitely not for the kids and has been rated as 12+. The game is grouped under arcade but is equally an action game as well. The sound and and music is equally enthralling as the game play. I would rate this game as 4.0 / 5.0.

Flail Rider

Flail Rider is a fast past paced game where you blow up everything in your game with a giant sized Flail. The game is offered by French BulkyPix and the game is categorized under racing. The player must destroy the elements in the environment with a large sized flail by driving and drifting along his vehicle. The more environment destroyed with your spiked ball, the higher the score!

The game is a top – down arcade racing game with sole objective of destroying the objects in the given area. Attain the stage target, pass through the warp to enter new areas. Also get exciting power-ups while playing that make destruction more fun. Also, there more cars to unlock which have been categorized as small , medium and heavy (large). Driving and controlling is challenging and fun. The game also give a bit of retro feel through the graphics.

The game is simple yet quite engrossing and fun to play. The has been rated for 3+ yrs but I would not encourage that as it involves destruction of cities and environment. Overall, the game play is good but I would have preferred to destroy something bad or evil, save the day and be a hero. A good story line could be added to make it interesting and I just have one question….why destroy a city and have destructive mind-set ?! Hence, I would rate this game 3.0 / 5.0 and not recommend for the kids.

Daddy was a Thief

“Daddy was a Thief” is a light hearted game with a bit sad storyline in the beginning. The main character loses his job as a bank staffer and his family life is in turmoil. Not able to cope with that and for the sake of his wife and child, the character takes to looting.

The main objective of the game is to collect as many coins as possible and reach maximum possible floors. The game is a vertical motion but in top-down manner game. The character breaks into houses and different apartments to reach different floors. He must break furniture and other stuff to collect coins and simultaneously also avoid the policemen and other obstacles. The game has a single swipe touch mechanics and the game is really simple. With good and elegant graphics and colour use the game is sure a treat to the player’s eyes. Also the characterization do tickle the funny bone and hence the game become universal in appeal. The power-ups attained and unlocking of various funny costumes for the character is also quite applaudable.


In the end I would be rating this action game by Polish ” Rebel Twins” as 4.0 / 5.0.  Those seeking a light hearted moment and just want to vent out some frustration, play this game and break some furniture. Go ahead and Play!



Big Hunter is a dynamic physics game that hunts mammoth with spears. It is an intense hunting game of starving Tribal people. The story-line of the game is that, ” long time ago a bushmen tribe lived in an outback town. They have been facing continuous droughts and the people are on the verge of dying due to starvation. The leader of the tribe must go out for hunting everyday for the food. He must hunt the gigantic Mammoth with the spears.


Big Hunter is an intense physics based game. The player is the protagonist tribal leader and has to kill the Mammoth with spears. There are various challenges based on time, number of spears, hitting the bulls eye etc. The combination of these makes it a very interesting game. The use of vibrant yellow colour with chocolate brown is eye catching and a good character design is added icing on the cake. If this was all, then there is wonderful sound and background music. This is the cherry to the cake. The music is very good and creates a fun and pleasant mood to play the game.

The game though involves a bit of violence in hunting, does not have that volatile impact on a person and one can get hooked on to the game for hours on end. The game has been rated for 7+ yrs with mild violence. The game offered by Seoul based Kakarod Interactive is definitely a game that can get you hooked. I would rate it 4.5 / 5.0 for it lacks the power-ups or some special powers to the hunter. Introduce something like fire on the spear or other weapons. It will make the game a bit more interesting!