Get Hi

Get Hi is a simple game with minimalistic graphics and a single touch game play mechanism. The main objective of the game is to get the as high as possible by flicking the ball with the paddles/ platforms. Each of these is a score of one floor. The game is fun to play, in the category of casual games.

The game being though simple and fun, but certain elements do bother you. The emojis are small and unclear which are the avtar form of the ball. The mute icon is difficult to click when it is displayed. There is setting icon, hence you will have to play a game first and after it is over then and then only the mute icon appears. The colours are a distractive and lends a gloomy feel for the game.

All in all the game is just decent enough to play for short while and cut some time while waiting or travelling. I would rate this game offered by Philipp Stollenmayer an average 3.5 / 5.0.


Mr. Muscle

Mr. Muscle is a fast-reaction game for players with witty reflexes. Mr. Gustav Fristensky aka Mr. Muscle is a wrestler, the main character in the game. The play must slice the bricks perfectly and help Mr. Gustav balance the weights as long as possible.

The game has a single touch mechanics to play which makes cutting the bricks at the right moment a simple gameplay. The graphics is good and a bit funny but somehow the game lacks the retention value of the player. A good game to play in short breaks or just as a moment’s distraction but definitely not for the long hours of gaming. Also, the in-game collectibles which is an objective of the game does not make sense. The collectibles are in the form of personal accessories to Mr.Gustav and in the end he is decked up like a “Pirate”. Definitely no idea why would someone want to dress up a Czech wrestler in a weight balance game with a circus looking background as a Pirate ?!

The also lacked a decent power-ups. May be the developers could focus on having power-ups like slowness in brick motion, Balance power up, weight reduction etc. This will make the game more interesting and can also be a mode of monetization for the developer.

The game is offered by Flow Studio for the 3+ yrs rated audience. The game is found in the arcade section.  I would rate this game 3.0 / 5.0 (Not that interesting game) but I would recommend this game to those who like to play only for a short while during breaks or just want have a small time distraction.