Get Hi

Get Hi is a simple game with minimalistic graphics and a single touch game play mechanism. The main objective of the game is to get the as high as possible by flicking the ball with the paddles/ platforms. Each of these is a score of one floor. The game is fun to play, in the category of casual games.

The game being though simple and fun, but certain elements do bother you. The emojis are small and unclear which are the avtar form of the ball. The mute icon is difficult to click when it is displayed. There is setting icon, hence you will have to play a game first and after it is over then and then only the mute icon appears. The colours are a distractive and lends a gloomy feel for the game.

All in all the game is just decent enough to play for short while and cut some time while waiting or travelling. I would rate this game offered by Philipp Stollenmayer an average 3.5 / 5.0.


Just 5

Just 5 is a simple tap based game that I am sure will get you hooked on very easily. It is a timing / dexterity game which tests your reflexes and reaction time. The main objective of the game is to shoot the ball 5 times to the centre whilst avoiding the obstacles.

The game has 50 levels and as you cross each level, it tens to get harder and more intriguing. Fun and anxiety never dies down and the player is engaged to complete the level. Also, there are no in-app purchases which I believe is quite good. A pure and proper game perhaps!

The game is also just a two colour graphics game, with the use of sky-blue as the background and white as the play element colour. There while playing the colours are not harsh to the eyes and gives a pleasant feel while playing .

The is offered by Koln based SimplePlayStudio and has been rated as 3+ yrs under the puzzle game category. I would be rating this game 4.5 / 5.0. Go ahead guys …. play this wonderful game of “Just 5”

Anodia 2

Most of us must have played those brick breaking games….Anodia and Anodia 2 is a more modern take on the same. The game has a wheel based platform for the balls, unique and graphically pleasant stages and bricks replaced by bubbles and other stuff, some of which are dynamic in nature. The game is definitely a good take on the bricks breaker and leaves  good impression. With every level unique and fresh, Anodia 2 has this wonderful feature and make you always wonder what comes next!

The game is definitely good take on the classical bricks breaker, with retention of many of those power ups in the classical game. But controlling the pad / platform for the balls is not that smooth and could leave a bit bitter taste after the game. Also, there was some anomaly in the number of lives and at what stage or level are you playing. Leaving aside these glitches, it is a good game for a bit of break or distraction from a busy schedule.It is definitely not a hooking up game where you will play hours on end.

The game is offered by CLM and is definitely a universal rated arcade game. I would prefer to rate it 3.5 /5.o



Orph is a very interesting Puzzle game where the player has to bring the balls in the right place. The game has over 50 levels with decent graphics and simple game play and mechanics. Use the gap in the line to place the red ball in the red area. Make a line “disappear” and lead the blue ball through it to the blue area. Interact with all the level objects, do whatever you want, but bring all the balls to the right places!


The game is offered by Moscow based Prismalogic and is rated for 3+ yrs. Categorized under Puzzle section, the game definitely has a good retention value as the levels are not very difficult and all of them look solvable.

I believe the game can have some power ups like time pause, sink holes or speed reduction. May be this can create a new twist in the game and make it more interesting. I would rate this game 4.5 / 5.0.