Weseewe is a side scrolling game where the main objective is to collect all the 10 colors in the game. Once collected the game ends. This is not an endless running game.

In the game, while moving sideways, the player can move only on the colors notified above. All other colors are not solid and the players cannot land on it and will fall down. Also, the player must judge his jump in accordance to the available color and height and distance. On missing, the player may lose his life and subsequently the game is over.


The game has good characterization along with good color schematic. Choice of colors used is really good and pleasing to eyes. Also, the background music while playing is also very good. Overall, the game feels ‘cute’.

The game is offered by independent developer Eric Zingeler. Another good thing about the game is that it has not In-App purchases and it is a linear game i.e. the game has a beginning and an end. The game is pretty good enough to get you hooked and I would rate this game 4.0 / 5.0





Orph is a very interesting Puzzle game where the player has to bring the balls in the right place. The game has over 50 levels with decent graphics and simple game play and mechanics.¬†Use the gap in the line to place the red ball in the red area. Make a line “disappear” and lead the blue ball through it to the blue area. Interact with all the level objects, do whatever you want, but bring all the balls to the right places!


The game is offered by Moscow based Prismalogic and is rated for 3+ yrs. Categorized under Puzzle section, the game definitely has a good retention value as the levels are not very difficult and all of them look solvable.

I believe the game can have some power ups like time pause, sink holes or speed reduction. May be this can create a new twist in the game and make it more interesting. I would rate this game 4.5 / 5.0.