100 Floors – Can You Escape?

” 100 Floors – Can You Escape? ” is developed by Tobi App under the casual gaming category. I would rather prefer it to put it under the Puzzle category. It is game that requires the player to unlock the doors of the elevator with a sole aim to reach the 100th floor or the top. On every floor there is a new puzzle to open the door. One must solve the puzzle and then and then can the player proceed to the next floor.

The best part of the game is that it utilizes all the modes and functions of a standard smart-phone. Whether it is touch, pinch, shake etc. The graphics are ok. Not too great but not bad either.


The game is good in the beginning but then, perhaps me not being a that big fan to the puzzle games, I personally found it quite monotonous. There are no such incentives for me to keep playing the game. If there were something like coins or point by which I could purchase some power-up, it would make the game a bit exciting. Also, there are issues with the Ads.

I would like to rate this game a 3.5 /5.0. People who like puzzle solving may try this game. There are similar versions to the game and name. Also, if one may explore there are games with names like “100 doors” etc all having the same ‘Funda’ (concept).

The game can be downloaded from the PlayStore :



Just 5

Just 5 is a simple tap based game that I am sure will get you hooked on very easily. It is a timing / dexterity game which tests your reflexes and reaction time. The main objective of the game is to shoot the ball 5 times to the centre whilst avoiding the obstacles.

The game has 50 levels and as you cross each level, it tens to get harder and more intriguing. Fun and anxiety never dies down and the player is engaged to complete the level. Also, there are no in-app purchases which I believe is quite good. A pure and proper game perhaps!

The game is also just a two colour graphics game, with the use of sky-blue as the background and white as the play element colour. There while playing the colours are not harsh to the eyes and gives a pleasant feel while playing .

The is offered by Koln based SimplePlayStudio and has been rated as 3+ yrs under the puzzle game category. I would be rating this game 4.5 / 5.0. Go ahead guys …. play this wonderful game of “Just 5”

City 2048

City 2048 was in-fact recommended to me by some of my college friends at NID. Initially, I was reluctant to download and play as I had the assumption that the game would be same as the 2048 classic game with some graphics perhaps. But it was different ! The game play was same as 2048 normal version but the intention or the objective was to build a city from forest and increase the population. The mechanics in the game is again the same as 2048. Each factor value of ‘2’ had been replaced by a development stage of a city. 


There are various developers who are offering similar game and its difficult to guess who came first, who is the original and whose game is better. I did even find two same games, not even similar from different developers. What I have downloaded and played is the game offered by UnderAIR. This was purely based on my friends’ recommendations. The game is in perspective view with cool colours being employed for the graphics.  Overall its a good experience to play the game and I would rate it 4.0 / 5.0. 



Orph is a very interesting Puzzle game where the player has to bring the balls in the right place. The game has over 50 levels with decent graphics and simple game play and mechanics. Use the gap in the line to place the red ball in the red area. Make a line “disappear” and lead the blue ball through it to the blue area. Interact with all the level objects, do whatever you want, but bring all the balls to the right places!


The game is offered by Moscow based Prismalogic and is rated for 3+ yrs. Categorized under Puzzle section, the game definitely has a good retention value as the levels are not very difficult and all of them look solvable.

I believe the game can have some power ups like time pause, sink holes or speed reduction. May be this can create a new twist in the game and make it more interesting. I would rate this game 4.5 / 5.0.