100 Floors – Can You Escape?

” 100 Floors – Can You Escape? ” is developed by Tobi App under the casual gaming category. I would rather prefer it to put it under the Puzzle category. It is game that requires the player to unlock the doors of the elevator with a sole aim to reach the 100th floor or the top. On every floor there is a new puzzle to open the door. One must solve the puzzle and then and then can the player proceed to the next floor.

The best part of the game is that it utilizes all the modes and functions of a standard smart-phone. Whether it is touch, pinch, shake etc. The graphics are ok. Not too great but not bad either.


The game is good in the beginning but then, perhaps me not being a that big fan to the puzzle games, I personally found it quite monotonous. There are no such incentives for me to keep playing the game. If there were something like coins or point by which I could purchase some power-up, it would make the game a bit exciting. Also, there are issues with the Ads.

I would like to rate this game a 3.5 /5.0. People who like puzzle solving may try this game. There are similar versions to the game and name. Also, if one may explore there are games with names like “100 doors” etc all having the same ‘Funda’ (concept).

The game can be downloaded from the PlayStore :



BBTan is a simple and addictive game that is surely going to get you hooked on for quite a while. This game has been developed by 111% under the Arcade category and is aged at 3+ years.

The game has the player representing an alien that shoots ball to destroy bricks. Each of the bricks has a counter on it and the balls must hit those bricks that many times to destroy it. Shooting at correct angle matters the most. After every shoot, if there are any remaining bricks, they come a step down. The game ends if the bricks reach the bottom. There is also a timer of 30 mins, under which the player must reach as many levels as possible. Upon completion of the time, the game ends. Hence, this is not an endless game type. (CHEATS : Read at the end for life and time)

I would prefer to call the game as a survival, physics based, ball and brick game. The scores indicate your levels that you have managed to reach. After every shoot, on survival, you go to a next level indicating your score and the difficulty increases by having more bricks and counters on them.


In the game there are power ups like ball increment and vertical / horizontal line clearance and spread ball. There are also coins to be collected which can be redeemed at the slot counter to play a luck pick game and unlock new balls that vary in sizes.

The game a very simple graphics display. It is a 2D line drawing graphics with neon colours and black background. Overall, the display is quite balanced and one can enjoy the game easily.

With decent game play and visual experience, I would prefer to give this game a rating of 4.0 / 5.0. It lost it out on its bug or flaw (unless they have deliberately kept it ) that can save your life and time. (READ: CHEATS down below)


I was happy that I could discover a CHEAT to this game and of course I have exploited it !


CHEAT : Well for the developers as well, if they do read this blog

ESCAPE or RETURN to the main screen of your device before the LAST BALL drops down. CLOSE the app completely and then RUN it again. In doing so, you get to REPEAT the same CHANCE and the TIMER is set back to 30MINS. 

The flaw perhaps lies in the code for SAVE SETTINGS while exiting the game!


** There are other similar games from the developer 111% like CCTan, DDTan, EETan, FFTan etc. Do check’em out as well!




Atomic Bomber

Oh! it has been quite a while I wrote a review…. so I am here with a game review again. This time it is for a game called “Atomic Bomber”. Carry on reading to know more in short span!

Game Developer :- Luke Allen

Type :- Arcade (as per Google Play)

Age :- 3+

There are two games available by Luke Allen. One is the free version and other is the paid one. I have tried the free version.

What I really liked about this game is its game-play and game mechanics. They are quite simple. The game gets you hooked on.


But one Flaw what I do find is that the position of the bomb button is a bit far too left and the button itself is a bit small. Perhaps a repositioning or a square shaped button is required. At times when I want to hit the button I am tapping on the play screen and not on the bomb button. I believe better interface for this button can lead to better play experience.

Rest the game is really good with simple and minimalistic graphics, which I like it of course.

My rating is 4.0 /5.0, missing purely out on the button issue.

Suggestion…. do download and play it once!


FIE Swordplay

FIE Swordplay is a fencing sports game with really good graphics and game play. The interaction in the game is also very good. In the game, the player is a fencer and he competes in various tournaments which help him earn coins and money and also unlocks various accessories like sabers, protection gear etc.Screenshot_2016-09-02-13-07-40

The is officially supported by FIE and the developers also claim that it is the world’s first mobile game with real rules and techniques from athletic fencing. The game has  rules for fencing with foils, swords and sabers. The game has a good deal of customization where the player can fine-tune the weapons and equip the character with gear such as vests and masks.Screenshot_2016-09-02-13-19-41.png

Though the game has lots of positives, it lacks on certain fronts and this is not to be overlooked by the developer, I believe. Initially, after downloading there was an issue of starting the game. A black screen did appear and it would not load any further. It was after various attempts, the black screen loading issue was resolved and I have no clue how? Also, at time getting connected to facebook is annoying . Perhaps, an online PvP mode without logging into facebook can be introduced.Screenshot_2016-09-02-13-20-10.png

Overall, the game is very good, except in the regions that I have mentioned above. With good graphics and gameplay through the use of buttons,  the game is a pleasant built. I would rate it 4.0 / 5.0


Get Hi

Get Hi is a simple game with minimalistic graphics and a single touch game play mechanism. The main objective of the game is to get the as high as possible by flicking the ball with the paddles/ platforms. Each of these is a score of one floor. The game is fun to play, in the category of casual games.

The game being though simple and fun, but certain elements do bother you. The emojis are small and unclear which are the avtar form of the ball. The mute icon is difficult to click when it is displayed. There is setting icon, hence you will have to play a game first and after it is over then and then only the mute icon appears. The colours are a distractive and lends a gloomy feel for the game.

All in all the game is just decent enough to play for short while and cut some time while waiting or travelling. I would rate this game offered by Philipp Stollenmayer an average 3.5 / 5.0.

AppLock (DoMobile Lab)

This is an ‘app’ review which I am writing on a special request. There are general differences between an app and a game. To come up with this review I had to do a general study and research. First of all the apps are not viewed as the games are, or rather the games are not viewed in comparison to an app. The apps are downloaded and install because the user feels its necessity whereas the games are mere fun and entertainment factor. The retention value of app is greater than those for the games.

AppLock is a great app if you want privacy, protection or simply want to hide your stuff from the other users of your phone who may sneak into some of your private folder and files. Through this app you can lock and hide other apps like facebook, whatsapp, gallery,SMS, settings etc. AppLock can hide pictures and videos. Pictures and videos can be hidden from Gallery and only visible in the photo and video vault. Another unique feature for AppLock is that it has random keyboard and invisible pattern lock, hence no worry that people may peep the password or pattern. It is much safer.


Other add-on features are Themes, customised profiles, hide the ‘AppLock’ icon, Time lock, locking incoming calls, lock switch (for Wifi, bluetooth), Low Memory usage and Power saving mode. This app is packed with so many features that it has been difficult to note it down here. One must definitely download it and see the features themselves. The app is constantly updating with the latest update on 14th July 2016.



AppLock is really a good app to protect and secure your data and privacy. I would be rating it 4.0 / 5.0. I believe the developers can work some more on the user interface. I really had a bit of difficulties initially but over the time got used to it. Also, a small not to the developers….While doing a bit of research and trials, it was found that there was a lot of apprehension with regards to the app in terms of security itself and data privacy. Users feared that their data would be available to the developers. Therefore, my suggestion to the developers would be to build a trust and come out with transparency. To all the users, I would recommend to try the app as it is really a bit interesting and definitely protects your apps and data from any unwarranted users ! A caution note for the users….there are similar apps with the same name as well. I one described here is by HongKong based DoMobile Lab’s AppLock.


Glass 2 Glass

If you are looking for a casual game to cut time then Glass 2 Glass is a game to go for. A real good game requiring precision and perception, this game from Kick 9 is definitely to for. The game play is really simple. Perfectly pour liquid from glass to glass. Put your sense of perception to use and perfectly pour your drink from one glass to another! Fill it to the brim to get a perfect score. Fill too little or fill too much, then you fail. The major features of the game are the simple and elegant graphics, the game is relaxing yet challenging, World-wide leaderboard and it has plenty of drinks and environments to collect. The Game is definitely good if you want a stress relief or pass some time. My rating for this game would be 4.0 / 5.0.


Weseewe is a side scrolling game where the main objective is to collect all the 10 colors in the game. Once collected the game ends. This is not an endless running game.

In the game, while moving sideways, the player can move only on the colors notified above. All other colors are not solid and the players cannot land on it and will fall down. Also, the player must judge his jump in accordance to the available color and height and distance. On missing, the player may lose his life and subsequently the game is over.


The game has good characterization along with good color schematic. Choice of colors used is really good and pleasing to eyes. Also, the background music while playing is also very good. Overall, the game feels ‘cute’.

The game is offered by independent developer Eric Zingeler. Another good thing about the game is that it has not In-App purchases and it is a linear game i.e. the game has a beginning and an end. The game is pretty good enough to get you hooked and I would rate this game 4.0 / 5.0



LONEWOLF is a Neo-Noir stor drive sniper adventure game. The story-line is that the play is a mysterious assassin with secret motives and he will do whatever it take to get an entry to a criminal organization “ASSEMBLY”. The player is given assignments to prove his worth to the ASSEMBLY. Mid-way the story take a turn to flashback which is also equally enthralling.


The game has a really good story-line with great art and sketch work. The background score and music is very good and with the kind of game play involved is definitely going to get you hooked. The connectivity between the story and the game is excellent and one is engaged in reading the story as well. The game is also not just a simple shooting game. The player must figure out the proper timing , adjust the aim according to the wind speed, understand the environment around and then take the call of whether to shoot or not and when!


Besides having the main mission, which is divided as chapters to suit the story, the game also has practice range, around 20 mini games separate from the main missions, different varieties of guns and accessories to it.


This game is definitely a must try especially who like shooting games. This game has been rated for 18+ yrs and is offered by Munich based FDG Entertainment. This game deserves a good 4.5 / 5.0.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is the ultimate classic vertical platform jumping game. It is an endless jumping game where the main objective is to reach as high as possible. The character design, level design and the stage variation along with the stage appropriate power-ups, obstacles and monsters are very intriguing, sometimes funny and overall make you want to play more.

The game has been named as the best game of 2015 by the Google Play Editors. Also,  Touch Arcade called Doodle Jump “possibly the best [mobile] game ever created” and Macworld called it “a perfect micro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciously replayable.”


The game play is really simple. The player controls the character by the tilt of the device and the player taps the device screen for shooting. The player has a journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping from one platform to the next, picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes, and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laugh with delight as you blow past other players’ actual score markers scribbled in the margins.


The game is definitely addictive with simple and great graphics. The game is an arcade game rated 3+ yrs and has offered by Lima Sky LLC. I would rate this game a rare 5.0 / 5.0. I believe everyone should play this game at least once and I am sure you will definitely like it.